Marvel Distribution and GS Group Unveil Tablet and Smartphones made in Russia under brand the f+ pro Brand

GS Group and one of Russia’s largest suppliers of IT equipment Marvel Distribution have started collaborating to localise production of LifeTab Plus tablet PCs at the Technopolis GS innovation cluster. Assembly of the devices, developed by Marvel Distribution’s own R&D unit, will take place at AO NPO Digital Television Systems.

Prototypes of the tablet and P670, R570 smartphones were presented to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on his visit to the Kaliningrad Oblast. The devices are intended for the corporate and public sectors and as such can be supplied with either the Russian Aurora mobile operating system or Android. In the design of the tablet, particular attention was paid to the durability of the aluminium housing, processor performance and ergonomics to ensure convenience and longevity with regular use. The P670 smartphone was created based on real experience of operating such devices in sectors of the real economy. The R570 is an industrial smartphone with an IP68 protection level, intended for mobile staff working in the severest weather conditions.

Assembly of the tablets launches in November 2021. GS Group and Marvel Distribution plan to continue working together in the future to produce Russian devices for the corporate sector, including domestically manufactured processors.

“Along with our partners, we are on course for import substitution and are always happy to help with localising electronics and component production. We have already experienced success in building tablets for domestic producers and suppliers of computer technology and IT solutions. The devices made at DTVS have the optimal technical specifications and meet Trade and Industry Ministry standards for domestically produced goods. Expanding our cooperation with Russian producers of computer technology and wearable electronics is one of the priority areas in expanding contract manufacturing at GS Group,” remarked GS Group’s Director of Production Development, Fyodor Boyarkov.

“Import substitution is not just a trend or an idea anymore, it is real examples of cooperation between domestic manufacturers and the IT industry. Together with our partners we have started a project in one of the most in-demand and by no means saturated niches in electronics: mobile device production. We aspire to show that Russian smartphones and tablets can not only be made in our country but also compete technically with their equivalents abroad. It is our plan to produce the whole spectrum of IT equipment, including PCs and notebooks, printers, monitors, servers, DSS, network equipment, in other words assemble a portfolio of solutions capable of covering all domestic IT product requirements,” declared CEO of Marvel Distribution, Alexey Melnikov.

The manufacturing process at DTVS is highly automated and ultraperformance and geared towards series production. Presently, there are 4 automatic surface mounting lines in operation at the enterprise with a total capacity of more than 1m components an hour. In addition, there are 6 lines for manual installation of pin components with a total capacity of 85,000 pcs. an hour, as well as 6 conveyor belts for final assembly. Operating at the enterprise is a surface mounting line with automatic 3D inspection of solder paste and double automatic optical 3D inspection (before and after soldering). Thanks to additional monitoring of technical processes, the percentage of defects is minimal.

DVTS has great experience in contract manufacturing of consumer electronics and components. The enterprise occupies over 14 % of the market for domestically produced computer motherboards. DTVS’ portfolio features a whole range of devices, assembled in large batches, ordered by leading Russian developers and producers of computer technology.