Marvel Distribution and GS Group Unveil Tablet and Smartphones made in Russia under brand the f+ pro Brand

GS Group and one of Russia’s largest suppliers of IT equipment Marvel Distribution have started collaborating to localise production of LifeTab Plus tablet PCs at the Technopolis GS innovation cluster. Assembly of the devices, developed by Marvel Distribution’s own R&D unit, will take place at AO NPO Digital Television Systems. Prototypes of the tablet and P670, […]

21.10.2021 // News

GS Group and Philax agree to collaborate on localising production

GS Group and Philax have announced that they will collaborate to implement a project to localise the production of electronic devices and components in the Russian Federation. The companies agreed to launch production of computer parts and accessories at the Technopolis GS innovation cluster based at research and manufacturing association DTS. The trial products – […]

15.04.2021 // News

GS Group has signed a localisation contract for set-top boxes

GS Group has signed a contract with Technological Systems and Service for the production of set-top boxes. The devices are designed to operate on the network of one of the largest telecommunication companies in Russia. For the client, this is the first successful example of transferring set-top box production from China to Russia. The set-top […]

02.03.2021 // News

GS Group launches the first Russian-made media server with advanced capabilities

Digital Television Systems has won a competition held by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to receive state subsidies for the development and organisation of serial production of a customer-premises multi-service digital platform for home wireless networks. The project envisages the development and organisation of serial production of devices which combine the functionality of […]

19.01.2021 // News

GS Group expands its presence in the in-car electronics market by establishing tachographs contract manufacture

OJSC Digital Television Systems (OJSC DTVS), the largest digital set-top boxes manufacturer in Eastern Europe and a high-tech platform for contract electronics manufacturing, has signed a contract with a major Moscow company developing tachographs. OJSC DTVS capabilities allow offering customer tachographs mass manufacturing, numbering tens of thousands of products. OJSC DTVS plant provides a full […]

Contract manufacturing at “Digital Television Systems” wins praise at major electronics exhibition

The “New Electronics” exhibition, held in Moscow on March 27 featured broad manufacturing capacities of “Digital Television Systems” factory. The company services were presented at the event as part of the full range of the contract manufacturing possibilities offered by enterprises within Technopolis GS innovation cluster, developed by GS Group holding in the Kaliningrad region, […]

“Digital Television Systems” takes the lead in social efficiency policy

Public company NPO “DTVS”, a factory of Technopolis GS innovation cluster, has taken the first place at the “Russian organization of high social efficiency” contest. The regional competition was held in Kaliningrad. “Digital Television Systems” won the first prize in the nomination titled “For the reduction of occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the production sector organizations”. The winners will be invited for the official awarding ceremony at the government of the Kaliningrad region. GS Nanotech, also a plant within Technopolis GS, that was nominated in the same category, took the fourth place.

GS Group holding created: Russian high-tech company announces rebranding

Крупнейший российский разработчик и производитель в области высоких технологий объявил о выходе на международный рынок, создав мультиотраслевой холдинг GS Group. Об этом топ-менеджмент компании заявил на пресс-конференции, прошедшей в понедельник, 13 мая, в Москве. В пресс-центре РИА Новости присутствовали журналисты ведущих федеральных СМИ, а также известных отраслевых изданий.

Head of “Digital Television Systems” presented innovation production cluster at an industry conference

18-19 марта 2013 года Технополис GS принял представителей компании-производителя электронных устройств для передачи данных Compass-EOS (Израиль), а также делегата из РОСНАНО. Гостей заинтересовали технологические возможности контрактного производства заводов Технополиса.

Technopolis GS and creative specialists agreed on how to boost cultural and social development of Gusev region

Предприятия «Технополиса GS» с конца ноября 2012 приняли более 160 экскурсантов – школьников старших классов Калининградской области, участвующих в комплексной программе профориентации «GS Prof», призванной помочь им с выбором будущей специальности.