Contract production

DTVS offers a wide range of services to meet all potential needs of our clients:

  • Electronic components logistic & acquisition
  • Component & material incoming inspection & verification.
  • Modern SMT — THT — FAS assembly lines.
  • All steps quality control.
  • Interaction between Technopolis GS enterprises is simplified thanks to the holding structure of GS Group
  • Custom clearance, ST-1, Russian standard certification.

Best proposal for High-volume manufacturing

  • Excellent geographical location
  • Special Economic Zone
  • BOM 0% Import Tax
  • VAT vacancies for production period
  • International standards of quality management system ISO 9001
  • IPC-A-610E — II class manufacture

DTVS Service Offering

Manufacturing Services (EMS/ECM)

DTVS specializes in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBA) and in electro-mechanical (ELM) assembly for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

PCB assembly:

  • surface-mount technology (SMT),
  • pin through hole technology (THT/PTH),
  • ball grid array (BGA)
  • lead-free soldering

System assembly:

  • metal & plastic cases production
  • corrugated package production

On the production side, we have 3 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines placing up to 789 000 components/hr., automated through-hole equipment placing up to 25 000 components/hr., 6 THT and 6 final assembly lines.

Engineering Services

Our aim is speed up your time-to-market, so we offer you a range of services:

  • NPI Component Management
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Project Management
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Prototyping / Fast Prototyping
  • Test System Design (new)

We Care about your product:

  • Redesign capability
  • Managing change requests
  • Product optimization and technology upgrades

Logistics and Distribution

We are planning and implementing the best logistics solutions for your assembled board and finished goods:

  • Design Review
  • BOM analysis & optimization
  • Component purchasing & logistic
  • Retail distribution 

After Sales Services

  • Depot Repair
  • After sales customer support management
  • Spare part support
  • Warranty fee management
  • Fault analyses