Surface mount technology (SMT)

DTVS provides SMT services for printed circuit boards. Surface mounting on PCBs is performed on an automatic line with a total capacity of more than 1 million components per hour.

The plant has four automatic SMT lines: three FUJI NXT II lines, each with 14 modules, and one Assembleon/Yamaha line. This equipment makes it possible to install up to 400 types of components.

Surface mount technology (SMT)

The plant has an SMT line with automatic inspection of solder paste and double automatic 3D optical inspection (before and after soldering). This provides additional control of industrial processes, which minimises defects.

The quality control of finished products rolling off the SMT line is ensured by 3D optical control and fluoroscopy. Quality is checked at all mounting stages by using PCB laser marking.

Advantages of SMT at DTVS:
  • high assembly accuracy and speed
  • low cost of serial batches
  • low cost of test batches
  • short assembly times for large batches

Технические ограничения

Минимальный размер платы
50 мм x 50 мм
Максимальный размер платы (Д x Ш)
534 мм x 610 мм
Минимальный размер компонента (EIA)
Максимальное кол-во номиналов к установке автоматом
400 шт.
Точность установки ± при 3σ
0,038 мм
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