Functional and in-circuit testing

Quality control is performed at all stages of production at DTVS. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible to switch quickly between production processes and perform four-level quality control of products with a guarantee right up to the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Functional and in-circuit testing

The lines include double automatic optical control of the quality of paste application and automatic optical inspection. A PCBA analyser provides x-ray control that can identify defects, such as the lack of wettability, displacement, closure and voids. Reports with photographs are automatically generated based on the testing results of electronic blocks.

The parts undergo automatic in-circuit (ICT) and functional testing (FCT). ICT is used to check connections on components on a PCB, while FCT is performed on already assembled devices and determines the functionality and compliance with pre-defined parameters. Product vibration and temperature tests are also performed at the plant.

Customers have access to online services that allow them to control orders in real time at all stages of production.

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