Computer equipment

The contract manufacturing of computer equipment components is one of the company’s key businesses. DTVS makes motherboards of different form factors, tablet computers and mobile phones.

DTVS manufactures 14% of the total volume of motherboards for Russian computer equipment.

Computer equipment

The company has been developing the contract manufacturing of computer components since 2018. Over this time, DTVS has mastered the skills and started production of more than 15 different types of motherboards, smartphones and tablets.

DTVS can offer customers the maximum set of services for the production of complex electronics for computer equipment, from packaging integrated circuits, organising the purchase and supply of components, all types of assembly and packaging of finished products, to the disposal of end-of-life electronics.

Examples of manufactured products

Computer screen

GS Group is a Russian industrial investment company. Its key competence is development and production of electronics. Main activities also include development and manufacture of microelectronics, and the development and integration of software products.