Contract manufacturing at “Digital Television Systems” wins praise at major electronics exhibition


The “New Electronics” exhibition, held in Moscow on March 27 featured broad manufacturing capacities of “Digital Television Systems” factory. The company services were presented at the event as part of the full range of the contract manufacturing possibilities offered by enterprises within Technopolis GS innovation cluster, developed by GS Group holding in the Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Exhibitors and visitors of “New electronics” had an opportunity to discover the full range of services that enterprises being part of Technopolis GS provide in terms of development and production of modern electronics for various purposes, and any level of complexity.

“Digital Television Systems” is the largest production site for digital set-top boxes in Eastern Europe and a contract manufacturing platform. “Digital Television Systems” produces electronics for utilities, network equipment, security systems, automotive, consumer and industrial electronics according to customers’ specific needs. The plant provides services for surface (SMT) and output (THT) installation, production line assembly (FAS). Production capacity is 5 million pieces per year, expandable to 10 million.

“High-class equipment at our facilities, modern methods of quality management, professional staff let us arrange efficient contract electronics manufacturing on the basis of Technopolis GS innovation cluster which is beneficial for customers in all respects”, said Andrey Bezrukov, acting Director of Strategic Marketing, GS Group. “Production is located in the Kaliningrad region which is an economically developed part of Russia. At the same time, proximity to European ports is beneficial in terms of logistics, it helps reduce transportation costs, provides an opportunity to order components in Europe. Due to the location of production in the special economic zone there is no tax on income and property”, Mr. Bezrukov summed up.

GS Group is a Russian industrial investment company. Its key competence is development and production of electronics. Main activities also include development and manufacture of microelectronics, and the development and integration of software products.