GS Group expands its presence in the in-car electronics market by establishing tachographs contract manufacture


OJSC Digital Television Systems (OJSC DTVS), the largest digital set-top boxes manufacturer in Eastern Europe and a high-tech platform for contract electronics manufacturing, has signed a contract with a major Moscow company developing tachographs. OJSC DTVS capabilities allow offering customer tachographs mass manufacturing, numbering tens of thousands of products.

OJSC DTVS plant provides a full cycle of tachographs production, from PCB stuffing to final testing and packaging. The process comprises both automated and manual operations. The enterprise is fitted out with modern equipment that allows solving complex issues on the electronic products manufacturing. Thanks to advanced equipment the company was able to offer the customer tachographs mass-manufactured.

The enterprise technical equipment, engineering support, staff professionalism, flexibility in pricing and stringent quality control requirements played a pivotal role in the fact that the customer has chosen the GS Group holding production to carry out a large-scale order for tachographs production. Currently, negotiations to extend the contract are under way between partners.

Being one of the largest contract electronics manufacturers in Russia, OJSC DTVS uses the latest up-to-date equipment, allowing not only switching swiftly from one product to another, but also to conduct six-tier quality inspection of products. Each subsequent operation checks the previous one, a series of operations in the production chain is completed by testing, and the final inspection is held at the terminal stage.

“This year we have been actively working in the market of contract electronics manufacturing, offering the capabilities of OJSC DTVS and the entire innovation cluster Technopolis GS, that includes our plant, as a universal production site, – commented Alexey Goncharuk, Director of contract manufacturing at Technopolis GS. – Many potential customers take the decision to cooperate with us after having familiarized with the flexible terms and ample opportunities we offer”.

Company’s representative noted that currently negotiations on products manufacturing localization at OJSC DTVS are under way with several major companies.

“The key benefits that we offer the client are high professionalism and comprehensive approach to contract manufacturing, as we solve a full range of issues arising from the customer’s intention to arrange electronics production, – Alexey Goncharuk pointed out. – While offering high quality products, we can considerably optimize product costs, including the reduction of logistics and components costs and other factors”.

GS Group is a Russian industrial investment company. Its key competence is development and production of electronics. Main activities also include development and manufacture of microelectronics, and the development and integration of software products.