GS Group holding created: Russian high-tech company announces rebranding


Russia’s major high-technology developer and manufacturer has announced entering foreign markets upon creation of international GS Group holding. The company’s top-management announced the news at a press conference held on Monday, May 13 in Moscow. Journalists of the leading Russian federal media along with well-known industry news resources attended the event organized in the RIA Novosti press centre.
At the press conference the company representatives spoke about the establishment of an international holding and creation of a new brand GS Group: the speakers were Director for Strategic Marketing Katerina Gamadjan, GS Group Managing Director, Foreign Projects Sergey Dolgopolsky, Deputy Vice President for Strategic Development Elvira Gizatullina.

The company which was previously known in the market as General Satellite Corporation had passed a long successful path from a satellite broadcast equipment supplier to a multisectoral international holding with annual run of its own knowledge-intensive industries and investments in innovation projects based on cutting-edge breakthrough technologies.

The crisis of 2008 affected all production fields, and our corporation was not an exception. At that time a new development strategy was adopted. It focused on allocation of all resources of the corporation, integrated diversification and development of proprietary production”, – GS Group Director for strategic marketing Katerina Gamadjan told the audience.

Three main strategic directions of development were chosen: creation and implementation of broadcasting projects worldwide on a turnkey basis, constant increase of production based and investment in technological innovations.

“Now we can confidently say that since 2008 we have achieved significant results in directions identified. As a consequence, we can summarize, that this strategy is successful. We have made the right strategic decision”, – K. Gamadjan stated.

Today GS Group is a multi-industry private international holding originating from Russia, operating in the telecommunications and other innovative markets, developing its own technologies, its proprietory manufactures and productive assets all over the world.

GS Group Managing Director, Foreign Projects Sergey Dolgopolskiy noticed that the company operates in a very competitive market: “We have a lot of competitors, such as DISH, Sky and others. But we aren’t afraid of the competition. The world’s leading companies are operating in our target markets. Among them there are not only American companies and British B-Sky-B, but also companies from France (such as Canal+), Norway, Saudi Arabia and India. However we do have unique advantages to succeed”.

According to GS Group Managing Director, Foreign Projects, first of all in foreign markets we apply approved business models that have been tested and successfully implemented in GS Group previous projects. In addition we supply unique technologies that provide subscribers with monetization options.

During the press-conference GS Group top-managers noted that the holding is open for discussion and cooperation with mass media. Press-tours are regularly organized to Technopolis GS plants. Journalists are shown production facilities of every manufacture within it.

The journalists have appreciated both GS Group achievements and future plans. The organized event has made an important contribution in the holding’s effective dialog with the mass media community.

GS Group is a Russian industrial investment company. Its key competence is development and production of electronics. Main activities also include development and manufacture of microelectronics, and the development and integration of software products.