Head of “Digital Television Systems” presented innovation production cluster at an industry conference


Alexey Ivanov, CEO of the public company “NPO “Digital Television Systems” took part in an industry conference titled “Organizing efficient electronic appliances production” in Moscow. In his report he told the participants about high-tech electronic production within the innovation cluster Technopolis GS.

Technopolis GS is a vivid illustration of the conference topic. This is an example of a successful and efficient radio-electronic production in Russia. Eastern Europe’s largest facility producing TV receiving equipment works within a major radio-electronic cluster. At the same time it is a modern contractual production site which provides services for the surface mounting of motherboards and electronic equipment assembling. Its production output amounting at 5 million articles per year, may be extended up to 10 million articles. Production area is 13,000 square meters. In his report A. Ivanov described the advantages of production. Among them are location in Russia’s special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region; geographically winning position close to Europe; modern equipment; efficient methods of quality management; II class manufacture in compliance with the international standard IPC-A-610E.

Directions of Technopolis GS development are not limited to radio-electronic production. Today the innovation center comprises a number of high-tech facilities. Besides, development of its infrastructure is currently under way, the capacities of Technopolis GS providing the basis for this process: residential area being built, R&D and educational centers will be opened soon along with a business incubator and venture fund.

The conference “Organizing efficient electronic appliances production” was held in Moscow, June 20, 2013, in “Izmailovo-Alfa” hotel. It provided the analysis of Russian production companies positioning, industry trends, options for widening the range activities and diversification. The participants were able to compare the conditions for electronic production launch in various regions, discussed prospects and problems of instrument engineering clusters. Continuing the discussion that started at a conference a year ago, they also spoke about information systems for managing electronic equipment production.

GS Group is a Russian industrial investment company. Its key competence is development and production of electronics. Main activities also include development and manufacture of microelectronics, and the development and integration of software products.